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Granny Moth: watercolour painting by Marion Shepherd, 1999 [2 of 14]

This trio is not the stages of the same moth but three different ones. The moth itself is one of the Dasypodia family which is found across southern Australia in gardens, parks and open forest. The wonderful blue, black, white and orange spots stand out from the brownish wings like glowing eyes. This was painted from a specimen found in a friend's garden.
The caterpillar is Opodiphthera eucalypti painted from a photograph. This caterpillar is dramatically coloured with tufts of bristles along its body which look lethal but are in fact harmless.
The pupa is probably Oiketicus elongates and is made of strong threads of silk and twigs of varying lengths. It was found for me by a friend and its shape and texture just begged to be painted.

Granny Moth