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Hakea: watercolour painting by Marina Albert, 2002 [5 of 17]

2002 Hakea - Pincushion tree
This is a large group of Australian trees and shrubs. These fruits are in the artists collection of fruits and nuts.
Hakea pandanicarpa (fruit) - A native of Western Australia. The name is derived from genus Pandanus, the screw pine and carpos, Greek for a fruit, referring to the large fruits which are textured like the pandanus.
Hakea nodosa (fruit) - common name: Yellow Hakea. A native of South Australia, Tasmania and Victoria. The name derives from the Latin nodosus, meaning knobby, referring to the protuberances on the fruit. It has a short broad beak.
Hakea minyma (fruit) - Hakea species of Central Australia, Western Australia and Northern Territory. The name is derived from Pitjantjatjara and means woman, referring to the fruits resemblance to women?s breasts. The fruit have a prominent beak and the valves are dotted with very small pustules.