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Bunya Bunya Pine: watercolour painting by Marina Albert, 2002 [8 of 17]

2002 Araucaria bidwilli Hook (after J.C.Bidwill) - Bunya Bunya Pine.
This pine is found in the wild in two spots, the Bunya Mountains of southern Queensland and 1,000 miles further north in the Mt. Molloy district just north of Port Douglas.
Male and female cones are formed on either the same or separate trees. Female cones are huge and resemble a pineapple. The male cones are half the size of the female cones. The 5-7kg cones drop to the ground intact when ripe. Each segment or scale contains one seed, the edible portion. The seed is large and covered with a tough fibrous coat.
The seed can be boiled or baked and eaten like chestnuts.
This dried cone was collected for the artist growing wild in Queensland.

Bunya Bunya Pine