our art

Renoir leads his delightful guest into our garden.Come in, come in, my dear.
It is lovely to have you here.
I see that you came in the back way.
Most people do 'though the best way
is to follow your dream
and come up the beam
from the smiling moon.

I do so love your eyes.
Will you let me paint you?
You could join our pantheon of life.
A glowing bud, a blushing flower, a gorgeous butterfly, a ripening fruit, a golden leaf?
Which are you? Or are you all of these?
Life conceiving, life emerging, life shimmering, life giving, life turning.
Be for me the apple of my eye.

our members

There's John and Kay, Marina and Betty and Marion.Passionate Observers 2006: John, Kay, Marina, Betty, Marion

Everyone, say hello to the apple of my eye.
Marion, the gorgeous blonde over there slipping in and out between the pages of the internet with lavender intent.
Marina is the one dusting færy juice on cup cakes and spreading them delicately across the canvas of life.
Vivacious Kay illuminates the summer sky with her own affable composition of whit and whimsy.
And all this to the dulcet concupiscence of Betty's pearls of tinkling wisdom.
If you go out into the garden you can't miss John. He is the one curdling his whey through the imagination crooning exquisite études to the fascinated pussy blossoms.
A finely muddled Graham squats at the bottom of the picture taking notes on his flute. Artistic he is not but abscorbic he is, soaking up the effulgence of the Passionate Observers.
Come now. Leave these creatures to their creating.
Let's go into the woods and follow the seasons.
We will see their life's work revealing,
revealing the beauties and the mysteries of life.